The Cactus for beach holiday

Cologne, September 2, 2015

One year after the launch of the Citroën C4 Cactus one has become accustomed to the image of the almost futuristic small car with the planked doors. At the IAA 2015 in Frankfurt ( September 17 to 27 ) Citroën ignite the next stage of the Cactus: The Cactus M Concept Car is to be a tribute to the legendary Citroën Méhari and brings early autumn again a little summer to Frankfurt.

Fresh Air for Cactus terrain

Larger wheels, a higher set body and wider fenders ?? Cactus M Concept Car is to get out of town and down to the beach. There is neither a fixed roof still disturbing pillars. The windscreen is inclined at 60 degrees and rises steeply. In addition, their context, as well as the rear of the vehicle, covered with wood. The front and rear aprons of Cactus M borrows when presented by April 2015 Citroën Aircross Concept. A massive tow bar completes the picture of the recreational vehicle.

Doors as an identity feature

On the doors ?? the Cactus anyway specially ?? has also paid special attention at Cactus M: Made of ABS plastic and is provided with the characteristic Airbumps, they are perfectly prepared for the beach. A thermal treatment makes them impact and scratch resistant as well as resistant to salt water and sand. As the ancestor Méhari the door hinges are clearly visible here. On the inside are spacious shelves that can be closed when necessary with nets.

Practical interior

The interior of the Cactus M is inspired by boat building. Very striking is the use of color in the interior Outside: Jaws Blue ?? derived from the film classic " Jaws ", or with us: "Jaws " by Steven Spielberg ?? combines the Cactus M internally and externally. Particular practical: The passenger compartment is equipped with procedures, so that it can be easily cleaned with a hose. The matching seats and covers made ​​of colored, salt-water resistant neoprene are made. To complete the maritime - theme in the interior, the shape of the head restraints is based on Bootsfender.

Quick surf, sleep well

The open, externally accessible trunk offers on the roof railing special anchors to secure the same by the designers mitentworfenen surfboards. In order not to miss out on the Cactus M also in bad weather, there is a manual to be mounted in the top loading floor. Using a built-in rear compressor that inflates and brings so itself in the correct position. But that's not all. Taking the backseat to, you will receive a comfortable sunbathing area under the open sky. Says one of the starry times not to, the top can inflate to a tent that serves as a bivouac for two persons.

Off-road capabilities through Grip Control

To also neat move forward in difficult terrain, the Cactus M offers the Grip Control system. You can via a rotary switch on the center console between four different modes choose: Standard, terrain, snow and sand. This should be the carefree trip to the beach no more obstacles.

Legendary ancestor

Who now wonders how Citroën comes up with the idea with the fresh air concept, and the famous Méhari does not know, for its history is briefly explained: In 1968, Citroën introduced the Méhari as modification of the Dyane on the market, almost a 2CV with disc brakes. He had a plastic body, neither a roof nor a door and was even slightly terrain. With a maximum of 29 PS and even as a four-wheel drive model of Méhari due to its robustness and compact size is still very popular especially in Southern Europe today . ( mf )