The art of Bugatti will be shown in the Museum

Los Angeles, October 28, 2016

Who will professionally or privately is in Los Angeles, should plan a detour into the Petersen Automotive Museum. Because a special exhibition opened now in the recently opened House in Beverley Hills. Under the title "The Art of Bugatti", the Museum shows the entire oeuvre of the Bugatti of family.

From cars to furniture to sculptures

Are automobiles by Ettore and Jean Bugatti, but also furniture, designer items and paintings by Carlo Bugatti, animal sculptures by the sculptor, Rembrandt Bugatti, and much more. Never before gathered so many exhibits of the artist's family for an exhibition.

From the 1920s until the Chiron 35C

Car fans should happy most of the exhibited vehicles designed by company founder Ettore Bugatti and his son Jean. Among other things a type 35 C are represented in the parade Grand Prix (1926), a type 41 Royale (1932), a type 44 Fiacre (1928), a type of 46 cabriolet (1930), a type 50 S (1931), a type 55 Supersport (1932) and a type 57SC Atlantic from only four ever built. Also a type 57C Aravis Gangloff-bodied, a type 57C Vanvooren (all 1939), a type 57C Atalante (1939/1949), as well as the last model of the family era, a type 101 C (1951), can be admired. The modern era is 16.4 Grand represented a Veyron from a rare EB110 Super Sport Le Mans (1994), sport Vitesse (2013) as well as the recent creation of the Bugatti, the 1,500 PS of strong Chiron, which crowns the exhibition until beginning of November 2016.

The dancing elephant as a hood ornament

In addition to these valuables automotive exhibition visitors can admire the works of Carlo Bugatti, Ettores father. The 1940 dead family patron was once famous as an architect, painter and designer. Also the work of Rembrandt Bugatti, Ettores brother can be seen. He was already successful as a sculptor in his lifetime and came out particularly with animal sculptures. His figure of a dancing elephant crowns the radiator of the type 41 Royale and has remained until today something like the heraldic animal of the brand. The exhibits are complemented by sketches from the pen of Lydia Bugattis, Ettores daughter, as well as through letters and other original documents of family history.

Also worth seeing: Precious metal II

The Petersen Automotive Museum on Wilshire Boulevard 6060 in 90036 Los Angeles. In addition to the ongoing fall 2017 exhibition, "The Art of Bugatti" there is among other things yet "precious metal II" to see a spectacular collection of silver-painted models from Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche and other brands. The Museum is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00, tickets cost US$ 15. (sl)