The AMG GT4 street version?

Affalterbach, 28. August 2017

Almost exactly a month's time, Mercedes-AMG has unveiled its new GT4 race car. Now, it seems, as a very hot street version would follow. At first glance, this toxic green prototype may look like a "normal" AMG GT R, one sees, however, a little closer, you will notice some interesting modifications.

The exhaust detected

So a couple of surround cable depend, for example, from the passenger door. In addition, the complete rear lid is covered with the wrapping foil. Yet clearly there is a floor below: that's Right, the center exhaust slot of the GT-R is missing here completely. The pipes move a bit to the outside, between the fins of the diffuser. To form "racing cars quite by chance" the same Setup as with the new GT4.

Lighter and more aggressive

Compared to the GT R is the new Hardcore is likely to be set on the flagship, even on a diet. A polycarbonate rear window is just one of several weight-saving measures. And even if we see here is mostly a GT-R driving around, expect for the possible GT4/Black Series with a modified body kit, more aggressive and more aerodynamic.

Premiere well-2018

Pictures of the interior are scarce. However, it is clearly seen that AMG has installed in this prototype a roll cage. Nothing, however, is likely to change when you drive. The well-known 4.0-Liter Biturbo V8 seems to be set. In the AMG GT R it makes 585 HP and 700 Newton meters. More Power would not necessarily necessary, but it is quite doable. AMGs eight of the makes in the E - and S-class up to 612 HP and 900 Newton meters. Presumably, the focus will be rather on the reduction of the mass, after all, the GT-R weighs in the best case, a whopping 1.655 Kilo. With a series version of the AMG GT4/Black Series is probably to be expected in the course of the year 2018. The price of 165.410 Euro, you must currently have for the AMG GT R fork, is likely to be easily exceeded.(sw)