Tesla stroking the base model S

Palo Alto (USA), 28 March 2017

Until June 2016 Tesla at the model S had taken a new base type in the program, the P60. The NET just below the upper limit for the German environmental award for the promotion of electric cars was by abandoning the expensive (and otherwise standard) comfort package. Really appreciated was this measure by the clientele seems not: due to low demand eliminates the P60 from April 2017.

Capped by the computer

The reason: Customers who were interested in the ' 60s ' model, remained hanging ultimately at the P75, which provides more money for something better fundamentals. Especially the fact that the battery capacity for both versions is 75 kilowatt hours, the P60 but via software on eponymous 60 kWh limited is is notable. Owner of a model S P60 can make full use of your rechargeable batteries per update.

More coverage costs money

Look at the other key figures of the P60: rear-wheel drive is standard, equipment with two electric motors produces the P60D including all-wheel drive. Specifies the range of Tesla with up to 408 kilometers, the tip is 210 km/h. Up to 490 kilometres and 225 km/h, the 75er versions bring it, the acceleration of P60 and P75 is, however, always equal: 5.8 seconds to 100 km/h. Until April 16, 2017, Tesla receives orders for a model S P60, in Germany starts the regular price including VAT and the 8,000-euro comfort package 83,859 euros. The P75 93.460 euros is good 10,000 euros more expensive. (rh)