Ten McLaren in the sign of the X

Woking (UK), 30. January 2018

Already a normal McLaren, you don't see on every street corner. But as it is in the case of such high-priced cars, there are still customers who like it even more exclusive. For you, McLaren Special Operations, short-MSO is responsible. From there, a very special series of ten vehicles now.

The glorious Ten

Aptly named McLaren calls the car, MSO-X to the Latin character for Ten. The basis for each of them the 570S Coupé is the Inspiration for the conversion of the 570S GT4. Simplify each of the MSO-X is said to on the way to the race car, but street legal. The respective coatings each of the ten vehicles are inspired by the McLaren F1 GTR, with the brand in the 1990s, the track in endurance racing history.

Specialty for the USA

Let us look at some X-features in Detail: Particularly striking are the massive rear wing, produces 100 kg more downforce. On the roof, a so-called "Goose Neck" - snorkel reminiscent of the McLaren F1 GTR Longtail 1997. He should not only improve the ventilation, but also for a unique sound in the Cockpit. Add to this more Spoiler to the front fascia, a titanium exhaust system and Pirelli-P-Corsa-tyre. Finally, the massive use of satin carbon fiber to reduce the weight. Radical of the MSO X has not been reduced but, Parking sensors, a rearview camera, and the Lift to raise the vehicle to remain on Board. All ten of the MSO-X to go to the USA to the largest McLaren center in Newport Beach near Los Angeles.(rh)