Suzuki is compact and mini - wheel drive vehicle

Geneva ( Switzerland ), March 5, 2015

Suzuki 's ( 5 to 15 March 2015) traveled with two concept cars at the Geneva Motor Show, which also allow a look at new forms of propulsion. Eye-catcher on the stand as the study iK-2. With a length of just over four meters and a wheelbase of 2.52 meters, although it fits into the small car rather than the compact segment, but occurs according to Suzuki already 2016 as a production car in the Gulf area. There, the manufacturer currently has no strong draft horse in the race ?? Thus, such an offer would just right.

New one-liter turbocharged petrol engine

The iK-2 is based on a new platform and comes with curved lines, the Suzuki calls " Liquid Flow Design ". Of particular interest is the new drive that will be used in this hatchback car. It's a one-liter turbo petrol engine, called the Suzuki " Boosterjet " engine. By downsizing concept, the machine, the turbocharger is to consume less fuel, increase power and torque.

The iM-4, the company introduces another concept vehicle. It is a small four-wheel drive of 3.69 meters in length, which could take up with the slightly larger Mini Countryman it in the lifestyle sector very much. The iM-4 has a high ground clearance, 18 - inch wheels and should be limited off-road capabilities. It is powered by an equally new mild hybrid system in which a 1.2-liter gasoline engine of an integrated starter generator (ISG ) and a brake energy regeneration is supported. Its energy storage are lithium-ion batteries. When the little 4x4 car hits the market was not yet announced, but we also expect 2016th (HD)