SUV code name Project Cullinan ?? ??

Goodwood ( UK), April 8, 2015

It is now officially confirmed that luxury brands like Rolls - Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini and Maserati want to make your own SUVs on the legs. At Bentley the vehicle Bentayga is to say, Lamborghini calls the Terrain future Urus and Maserati switched to the Levant in the direction of the SUV market. The SUV working title of the luxury car manufacturer Rolls-Royce is " Project Cullinan ". Now, Britain dispatched the first Cullinan test vehicle on the road.

New four-wheel drive system with air suspension

Future design features of the off-road Rolls can not make out, because the test vehicle is based on the Phantom Series II. Striking is the shortened length of the base vehicle, they could already give a first indication of the new dimensions of " Cullinan ". Primarily the Erlk├Ânig serves but to test the new all-wheel system, including the famous Rolls-Royce air suspension "Magic Carpet".

Prices for launch

When and with what price the British want to take the noble land market in attack, is not yet known and Lamborghini and Maserati give you any exact dates for launches. Bentley is planning to start off as even more precise: According to information of the Bentayga is already rolling in 2016 to luxury SUV customers. (ml)