Super sports car with carbon fibre

Lelystad (The Netherlands), 31. August 2017

The small Dutch company Donkerfoort is known for hand-built Roadster in the style of the legendary Lotus Seven. Apart from the look of the cars, however, have hardly more in common with the Roadster-Fossil. Especially the founder of Joop Donkerfoort uses modern lightweight materials such as Carbon, and a post-modern engines. So even at the current model of the D8 GTO has a 2.5-Liter five-cylinder from the Audi RS 3 under the hood. Now the company is presenting the D8 GTO RS Bare Naked Carbon Edition. The first copy of the special edition model has now been delivered.

Production method for Carbon

In the past ten years, Donkervoort has developed a production method for carbon components. Their latest development, described the Dutchman as the X-Core technology. The components are manufactured in a single production cycle, while the body components are usually constructed of an Inner and an outer shell. For the first time, the X-Core method has been used in the D8 GTO RS, whose body is 95 percent made of carbon fiber. Due to the low weight of the vehicle, the 380-HP, Audi-engine light game: The Roadster accelerates in just 2.7 seconds to 100 km/h.

Carbon fibre and special coating

This also applies to the new special model. Its peculiarity is that it is not normal Carbon, but carbon was used. The characteristic tissue structure of the carbon fibers is visible. The concerns here are not only the body, but also the Central tunnel, the doors, the dashboard and the seats. Even Details like the belt covers, the ignition lock housing and the headlight housing were not forgotten.

In 216.580 Euro this is it

Carbon fibre has, of course, only sense if the paint cooperates. The car is equipped with a special transparent paint by BASF. In order to allow the owners an individualization, color added pigments. The now-delivered copy in a bright Blue is displayed. The starting price of the D8 GTO RS Bare Naked Carbon Edition is 216.580 Euro. The special model is limited to 15 pieces. The normal RS is a limited edition of only 40 copies. Or better: He was there, because he is now fully sold out.(sl)