Super Sports Car Apollo Intensa Emozione

The village, 30 think. October 2017

If you listen to the Apollo, you think of an optometrist or to a Greek God? Then you are not reading this here, probably not. Sports car Fans think of the eponymous super sport Gumpert, a small sports manufactory, which was in 2013, broke the car. The 2016 founded a successor company Apollo automotive is now presenting a completely new racing car, the Intensa Emozione or short IE. With Italy, the car has to do little to, as Apollo sits in the Bavarian town of Denkendorf.

Technology makes everything broken?

In order to produce the "intense emotions" the Name promises, Apollo chief Norman Choi a special recipe. He believes that modern technology increases the driving fun rather reduces than: "We had the feeling that the technological progress and the automation of the car in today's super sports has taken away the pure, raw emotional relationship between the driver and the car," he says. Therefore, there is the Apollo IE not a hybrid drive such as the LaFerrari or the McLaren P1, Yes not even a turbocharger.

High-revving V12-sucker

The IE is powered by a V12 naturally aspirated engine of 6.3 liters of displacement. The adrenaline level of the driver should at least rise during cranking, when the Sound of high-revving cleaner. As the gearbox is a sequential six-speed Box is used, the Paddles rotate with the steering Wheel, so that you do not need to grip in the curve. The power of 780 HP obviously can not keep up with the 963-HP hybrid system of a LaFerrari. During the Sprint, the situation is not so clear, because Ferrari is only "less than three seconds", while Apollo writes in 2.7 seconds into the data sheet. But the usual Quartet-Numbers, it does not, but to "intense emotions", or even a car with "soul goes Choi Yes".

The output is greater than the weight

The expressive Design of the IE has sure optical benefits, at the same time it must meet aerodynamic requirements. Because if a car is to drive with "only" 780 HP really fast, it must be easy. And the cars weight also fly at over 300 km/h does not pick up, must be the pressure high enough. Among other things, by a Carbon Monocoque, the weight of the IE has been reduced to 1,250 pounds – so the car is lighter than a Pagani Huayra. The downforce at 300 km/h is specified with more than 1,350 pounds. Theoretically, the meet would have to drive with the car upside down on the tunnel ceiling – this was already advertised in the Gumpert Apollo.

Only ten copies

Only ten copies will be built from the Apollo IE. The car is not only very fast but also very exclusive. And individually, because Apollo is also very far-reaching special needs. Anyone who ordered will also receive an invitation to Apollo's "Time Attack"program, a series that takes place on the main European Rennkursen. You will also receive priority in the order of the next cars of Apollo. Because the 2019 published, the Arrow will probably be just as exclusive as the IE. All of this has, of course, a hefty price. 2.3 million euros for the Apollo as a Minimum.(sl)