Stronger, faster, more expensive

Ingolstadt, September 4, 2015

Yes, he is tall, has a diesel engine and is nevertheless performed bluntly as S model, which means: He must have probably something to do with sports. And even though it may not want to admit the hardliners: The Audi SQ5 is a great, great fun and really a very nice car to drive. That might be the reason why you see so many of them. At least the sales figures are well so hopefully that Audi now casts a sharp version of the sharp version on the market, the SQ5 plus.

For the first time with sport differential

As befits a " plus " first and foremost, of course rises once the performance. The 3.0 - liter twin-turbo TDI is thus provided with an increased injection pressure, which can climb up the numbers to 340 hp and 700 Newton meters. That's 27 horsepower and 50 Newton meters more than in the past. Thus fortified, reduces the time for the standard sprint by 0.1 to 5.1 seconds. A Porsche Boxster S can not make it faster. How far the mighty power surge goes through an eight-speed automatic transmission to all four wheels. New SQ5 plus but is a so-called sport differential, which juggles the power between the rear wheels.

21 inch series

Optical identification of the Audi SQ5 plus are black 21-inch model and a lot of gloss black paint, for example, on the exterior mirrors, the door handles, the roof spoiler or the diffuser. In addition, you have the four tailpipes joined by a new clip in pairs with each other. Inside there are leather seats with diamond quilting, leather on the armrests on the door panels and a sliding rear bench.

significantly more expensive

To celebrate the SQ5 plus duly, Audi has also put together a limited edition of 100 pieces equipment package. It includes the extremely individual " Arablau crystal effect " ( as seen in the pictures ), a bunch arablaue accents inside and a suspect right Luxury Wooden decor, because after all costs said package of 12,000 euros. The Audi SQ5 plus consumed as the normal SQ5 on average 6.6 liters and is available with prices starting at 67,700 euros in October 2015th He is 6,500 euros more expensive than the still available SQ5 with 313 hp. Bestaunbar the SQ5 is plus the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which goes across the stage from September 17 to 27 2015th ( sw )