Strong secret

Stuttgart, June 14, 2016

Higher, faster, further: Mercedes-AMG is overlooking the sports car competition according to this motto. The Swabian neighbours now provide 580 HP in the 911 Turbo S, Audi is pumping up to 610 HP in the new R8. However, the AMG GT with 476 respectively 510 PS looks pale. But on June 24, 2016, the Empire strikes back. In the context of the Goodwood Festival of speed shows Mercedes at Brooklands the powerful AMG GT R.

R instead of black series

Until then, Mercedes is still covered with information, must submit a short video and some fairly shady images of parts of the vehicle. But already they are enough to bring light into the darkness. First, The new AMG GT version follows the principle of the earlier "black series" is the SLS, but 'R'. So there's a black carbon roof, black exterior mirror housings and a lush black rear spoiler. Up to 100 kilograms of weight should save the R. Inside you can see racing seats with yellow straps and much Alcantara.

Comes the big twin-turbo V8?

Second, from the race car Mercedes-AMG GT3 takes over the R the "shark"grille with vertical bars, but not the engine. Because turbos in the GT3 race class are forbidden, the free sucking 6.3-liter V8 is used. A twin-turbo V8 will be used in the R. Indicator gives an indication of the expected performance: S-GT 585. 585 HP would be exactly the number that the 5.5-litre V8 (internal name: 157 M) of the AMG S 63 available is, to join the 900 nm of torque. As a result, the four liter V8 (internal M 178) would remain reserved the "normal" variants of the AMG GT. Striking air intakes in the hood supply the unit with fresh air, as well as a modified bumper. It may be so excited on the "new spearhead of the GT family", as expressed by AMG. For less than 200,000 euros will land the spear but probably not in the garage. (rh)