Stellantis is also working on a gearbox for electric cars that you can switch yourself

Everything to involve the driver more in the action

Stellantis' North American division is clearly still in the process of adjusting its company name following the merger of FCA and PSA. The company files patents under the name FCA US LLC. More important than the name is the information contained in the company's latest patent. Stellantis appears to be working on a manually operated gearbox for electric cars.

The patent was found by Carbuzz at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) . The idea of a gearbox in electric cars is in principle nothing new. Toyota is working on it and already has a test model of an electric Lexus driving around with a manual gearbox. In addition, you can shift gears yourself in the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N, although that is more of a kind of DSG idea. Porsche and Lotus use two-speed transmissions in their EVs, but they cannot be operated manually. The new Stellantis box also has an effect on the available torque.

The Stellantis gearbox does do something

In the patent, Stellantis writes about a gear system that is attached to the electric motor. That motor is set to send a certain amount of torque to the drivetrain per gear. So there is a maximum to the amount of torque you can generate per gear, which means something similar happens to when you are close to the red line with a combustion engine. In this way the switching pattern is simulated.

Due to the difference in torque, the driving feeling should be more similar to that of a petrol car. According to Stellantis, EVs "lack a traditional driving and shifting experience, which can be monotonous and boring for the driver." The car company writes about gearboxes with four or more gears. However, nothing is said about a third pedal. You probably switch gears with paddles behind the wheel.

Which electric cars get the gearbox?

Unfortunately, for the time being it is only a patent, so nothing is known yet about the use of the gearbox. We also don't know which brands would use the gearbox. If we look at the range of the different brands of the North American branch of Stellantis, the electric Dodge Charger Daytona should in any case not be 'monotonous and boring' for the driver.

Are you tired of switching gears? Then you can simply turn off the system. Handy if you want to do a traffic light sprint. The gearbox automatically switches to first gear when you fully press the right pedal from a standstill. At other times the box puts him in pairs to prevent strained neck muscles. The system can also downshift if you suddenly want to go full throttle while driving. Or should we say 'full power'?