Special Spanish special order

Eating, April 13, 2015

May it be something special? In its history, Seat has built not only ordinary series models. Also special treat for special missions gave it. Three of them shows the brand now at the Techno Classica ( 15 to 19 April 2015) in Essen.

The uniform of the dictator

The origins of seat back to the public desire for a Spanish automobile production, which should make the people particularly mobile. First car was the SEAT 1400, high-ranking visitors chauffeured from the 1954 single piece called " visitas " by the factory in Barcelona. Doors, a roof or seat belts did not exist. Grab handles on both sides of the windshield and the front backrests and treads on the sides should facilitate the entry and exit. There were a total of up to seven people in the 4.30 meter long SEAT 1400 visitas. According to legend, the maximum openness of visitas should but the former Spanish dictator Franco have alienated, his uniform dirty on the factory floor.

The first mini-van at all?

The problem was solved very modern looking seat 600 Savio, the Pietro Frua conceived. A length of only 3.54 meters and small twelve-inch wheels made ​​the car agile. The trough-like car with blue paint had three rows of seats and large windows. Even more important was the complete roofing, remained clean by any uniforms. Only the rear of the vehicle a glass roof element could be removed.

Heiligs Blechle

When the then Pope John Paul II. Visited Spain for the first time in November 1982, the country had changed to democracy. Important fairs held in the Pope from the great stages of Madrid ( Bernabeu ) and Barcelona ( Nou Camp ). First, however, resulted in a not insignificant problem: The famous Popemobile with the glass dome on Mercedes - base does not fit through the stadium gates. Thus, at least according to the legend. Therefore, in just 15 days, a pick-up-like reconstruction of the Seat Panda came (after 1986 Seat Marbella known) with fold-down windshield and a kind of " railing " for the Holy Father. The height of the car: "only" 1.70 meters, width measures 1.46 meters clear. Remained unchanged with the 45 hp under the hood. They shook loose for some stadium in the middle rounds of the faithful. (rh)