Space - athletes

Frankfurt / Main, February 17, 2015

Sometimes a different perspective provide surprises. So far, Kia had only published a picture of his study for the Geneva Motor Show 2015. There, the area was visible to the A-pillar. Now comes the rest and is quite surprising.

Life style

The concept car is named Space Sport. The name says it all, the car visually reminiscent less of an estate as a Shooting Brake. It was designed by the team of European Space Sports Kia design team in Frankfurt under the direction of Gregory Guillaume. The maestro himself speaks of a " new kind of grand tourer. " The car was " a car for people who need for weekend getaway a correspondingly large luggage space, but also lay emphasis on style, comfort and a sporty look. "

More success through combination?

So far, so good: That sounds nice, but also very non-committal. What remains of the Kia Sport Space of tangible facts? Only this: It is designed for the D-segment. There trying to time the Kia Optima in vain to offer VW Passat and Co. stand up. Just 374 vehicles were registered in the entire year 2014 in Germany. The problem: The Optima is only available as notchback sedan. When successor could change because of Sportspace acts already as a concrete view of an Optima successor. Details can be experienced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015 . (rh)