So sharp, the A-class sedan

Stuttgart/Beijing (China), 24. April 2018

A long time it was frowned upon. As oddly shaped savings box for pensioners, Philistine and developing countries. But the Image of the compact sedan has undergone in the past few years, an unprecedented ascent. Cars like the A3 sedan, and there were more than a traveling trunk. They were ... beautiful. Well, the classic sedan is on the still booming Chinese market is essential, has certainly helped a little. BMW has to pay designed for the Land of smiles (and huge sales) even a 1-series sedan. Beginning in 2017, they came on the market. Mercedes now has the same in mind. The big difference is: The new A-class sedan comes to us. And we should be pleased about, because the Baby Benz sedan has become – at least in our opinion – a real beauty.

Long-wheelbase version for China

Suitable manner. the Mercedes for the Premiere of the A-class sedan in the Beijing motor show in 2018 (25 April to 4. May) will be selected. Where A-class Limousine is actually not quite right. There is a Central "L". Yes, what the Chinese want is space in the rear. Therefore, you bought it, in fact, an a-class long version. The wheelbase grows in comparison to the new A-class hatchback to six inches to 2.79 meters. The boot capacity is 420 liters and 50 liters more than in the normal A-class. Overall, the most elegant A reaches a length of 4.61 meters. A whopping 19 inches more than the five-door brother. By the way, this also corresponds to almost exactly the length of the second C-class-Generation (W203).

close to the study Concept A Sedan

The appearance of the latest A-class is the only Good. The proportions seem on point, the Similarity to the rat sharp study Concept A Sedan (2017, presented in Shanghai) are amazingly large. In China, there will be two versions of "Sedan" and "Sport Sedan". The latter differs, apparently, by only two power domes on the hood. Who wants to stand out also in terms of colour, gets the new and extremely flamboyante Rosé Gold on his A-sedan painted.

Inside the Revolution continues

Inside the A-class sedan goes the same revolutionary way that the five-door model breaks. Say: Where in a far-distant century, sometime classical instruments, thrones now at least two seven-inch, fully-digital, freely configurable screens. In addition, you get served up the new multimedia system MBUX, the natural language is understood, and constantly learn and adapt to the Wishes of the driver permanently adapts. Even different Chinese dialects understands the cunning thing. If you so speak – for whatever reason – only Szechuan and not Cantonese, is the for IT no Problem. Another high-tech Highlight of the A-class sedan benefits, is the Augmented Reality technology that displays them in the Navigation direction arrows, or house numbers to the front camera captured real-time image. In addition, there are all the (Self-)driving AIDS from the S-class.

From the second half of 2018

On the Chinese market, the A-class L sedan will be offered initially with three engine options. The 1.33-Liter gasoline engine with 136 and 163 HP, 2.0-Liter gasoline engine making 190 HP and 34 HP less than in the us. The variants 136 and 190 HP is likely to find short or long term, but also the way to European dealers. The A-class sedan, as already mentioned, of course. In both China and in the Rest of the world the car should come in the second half of the year, from 2018 to the market. However, it is assumed, that the saloon-A living outside of China without the longer wheelbase.(sw)