So cute, the Honda Urban EV

Frankfurt, 12. September 2017

My goodness, what an adorable little Urchin. It is Honda's new electric car study and a production version should come up in 2019 to us. While most other car manufacturers put in their electric Products to be strange in the cool Sci-Fi look, surprised us Honda with a Mix of "Retro" and "cutie alert". The result is – at least in our opinion – absolutely great.

Pleasing retro

The small charm stud goes by the name of Honda Urban EV Concept, is shorter than a Honda Jazz, but a thousand times cooler. With an amazingly simple Design and large glass surfaces. So as before, when you could actually see out of cars, and no cameras needed. The cameras of the Urban EV probably has anyway. The doors of the Urban are – as the vehicle for a trade – back. This Feature is not likely to make it probably in the series. We hope that it is one of the very few things this fate.

Display instead of the Grill

Sure the blue is backlit brand logo. A future design feature of any Honda-electric cars. In addition, both the front and the rear is on a Display space for all sorts of messages. Greetings or advice for other riders look exactly the same as the current charge of the batteries. What sits exactly on electrical Hardware under the small Japanese, is so far completely unclear. For a car of this class, it is not likely to need too much Power. They are more likely to reach, considering that a Renault Zoe or the Nissan Leaf pack is already much more than 300 kilometers.

Indoor loungy

The interior of the Urban EV Concept offers Seating for Four, and according to Honda is also a "Lounge-Feeling", which is intended to mean that there is plenty of storage space and trendy materials. The number of screens supported this Thesis. There is a gigantösen Screen that runs across the entire dashboard, and two more in the doors that serve as a quasi mirror.

New E-Car Platform

The Urban EV is based on a completely new platform, which will also be used for other electrical Honda. If the E-car looks to debut in 2019, should be the plug of the future for Honda is rather rosy.(sw)