So BMW drives into the future

Munich, March 16, 2016

In the framework of the Conference for the year 2015, the BMW Group has presented strong numbers. Over 2.2 million vehicles of the brands BMW car, BMW Motorcycle, mini and Rolls Royce were last year shipped worldwide. In order to successfully continue, CEO Harald Krüger has announced some new models for the future.

Revolutionary i-model 2020

BMW wants to focus on the digital networking and the development of electric vehicles and automated driving. No earlier than 2020 is a "revolutionary new" i model. Under the name "project i 2.0" the engineers are working on automated and fully networked drive. Parallel working on plug-in hybrid drives with higher electric range. Here, the recently launched development of the fifth generation to bring further progress. Among other things, there will be a mini with plug-in hybrid for the first time. The existing i-models are improved: the i8 is derived from from a roadster variant until 2018, even 2016, the i3 receives a battery with greater capacity and thus longer range.

The BMW X 7 will come

Speaking of range: the current BMW prototype hydrogen fuel cell powered come up to 700 kilometers. Here, too, the development continues, after you had the impression for some time that the subject of hydrogen in favor of electric mobility on the long bench was pushed. Despite all alternatives BMW highlights the significant over the long term role of the classic combustion engine. Here is further honed efficiency. Officially confirmed the new BMW X Krueger 7 was, which added to the SUV range upwards. You will see also "very intensively" the more potential. What is still planned? More M-and M-performance models to come. Rolls-Royce tested a new vehicle architecture on aluminum base. Beginning of 2018 launches a new generation of models, among which also the luxury SUV of Cullinan. (rh)