So autonomous driving the next S-class

Stuttgart, April 7, 2017

The new Mercedes S-class will start in the autumn of 2017. But now the producer reveals what driving assistance systems flagship is to take the next step to autonomous driving.

Distronic slows down obstacles

As the Audi A4 and Q7 known, slows down the Abstandstempomat (which is called when Mercedes Distronic) now the car automatically before obstacles. Before curves, junctions, roundabouts, or toll, braked, accelerated again. Also the navigation target is taken into account. So slow down before a junction to participate, automatically. In sport mode, less will be slowed but as in "comfort". Eco mode so delayed that the Steering Wizard can follow the curve yet automated driving for a long time on country roads is already possible.

Automatic gauge change like the E class

Like the E-class, in the future also the S-class can automatically switch the track. The tapping of the direction indicator is enough when driving at speed of 80 to 180 on multi-lane roads. The sensors of course check whether the secondary track is also free.

Speed limit is taken into account

The option, automatically take into account the current speed limit is also known by Audi. The current speed limit is detected (via the traffic sign recognition or the Navidaten) and the set speed automatically turned down. This adjusts the speed also looking ahead. On motorway sections without speed limit, the recommended speed of 130 km/h is set.

Dodge steering Assistant

Of course, the S-class has also a collision avoidance system with emergency braking function. There's also a Dodge steering Assistant. It supports the rider while dodging when a pedestrian before the car is running. The driver through a steering motion reveals that he would like to avoid, the system enhances the driving force in the selected direction.

Warnings via car-to-X communication

The new S-class can warn other cars of recognized hazards via car-to-X communication. Of course, the car also receives appropriate warnings. You will appear as congestion in the Navi Map. Also a warning via speech output is possible.

Remote controlled parking

The "remote Park assist" makes it possible to park the car in tight spaces or garages via smartphone from the outside. The car can be both forward and backwards, and both are parked in longitudinal as in transverse parking spaces. Parking of transverse parking spaces is also possible.

Hardly the spearhead of innovation

If you have in mind, as the S-class earlier went ahead in terms of technology, the new assistance systems disappoint some. The Audi Q7 and A4 offered goes Mercedes only at certain points, namely at the car-to-X communication and parking via remote control. Changing the automatic track the S-class traces only, what can the E-class already. (sl)