Smart test run starts private sharing

Private sharing

With "smart ready to share", m Fürhjahr in selected German cities smart launches a private sharing. Within a few seconds, authorized users can of friends open the smart and go with their Smartphone. Not only young people are the target group, but also freelancers and Kleingewerbe¬treibende, which can efficiently manage to their fleet.

The new concept will start the test run for the package delivery in the car as an additional offer to "smart ready to drop". The participants in this beta test can from the spring experience with "smart ready to share" and lend their smart friends, colleagues and relatives. "Smart ready to drop" has several hundred participants in Stuttgart and Cologne. Berlin and Bonn followed this month.

The sharing is smartphone-based and uses the keyless entry function of the vehicle. The "connectivity box mounted behind the windshield" can communicate with an app, in which the "smart ready to drop" participants have already registered.

In the next step, the owner may enter the temporal availability of the vehicle and invite friends and colleagues to use. They then receive an email to register and create an account. Then, the persons defined by the smart-holder can book the car via app and open with your Smartphone. The app serves also as digital logbook.

The vehicle providers can additionally enable a so-called "home zone". This function allows you to manage where the vehicle must be returned. As a last step, he must deposit a car key in his car so the unlocked users can leave. After the ride, the vehicle locked in turn by app and completed the booking. After that, the vehicle is unlocked again for all other users.

During the first test run takes smart any additional insurance costs. For the start of the series, it is planned that vehicle owners have the opportunity to share not only the car, as well as its costs with other users.

The private car-sharing is another project of the corporate strategy of "CASE". The strategic direction is summarized under the term which combines the topics of the future "Connectivity", "autonomous driving", "Sharing" and "electric drives" into a single unit. (ampnet/jri)