Skoda Kodiaq: Prices

Weiterstadt, 11 November 2016

Hardly another car of brand Skoda is taut as expected as the Kodiaq. The big brother of the VW Tiguan is not only 4.70 meters long, but offers up to seven seats and a gigantic trunk from 720 to 2,065 liters volume. But how much the whole thing is hitting the Kodiaq to the market launch on 4 March 2017 at the retailers? Now there is the answer.

Manageable base version

The trim levels are quite clearly at the Skoda Kodiaq. It starts with the "active". But only the bare essentials on board such as electric Windows, air conditioning and a music system with a 6.5-inch screen here. The selection of the motor is limited: Let's go at 25.490 euros for the 125 HP strong 1.4 TSI, about a 150 HP gasoline engine with cylinder shut-off and all-wheel drive (28.590 euros) and as a single diesel rank a 2.0 TDI with 150 HP and standard seven-speed DSG. 31,040 euros. A manual six-speed gearbox is there only in connection with all-wheel drive and a higher facilities.

The Center makes it

A good keyword: the "ambition" is 3,600 euros more expensive than the "active"-facilities. In a sense, it represents the golden mean. Light and rain sensors, rear Park beeper, a two zone climate control, a cruise control, but also digital radio reception, a door edge protection are here including. Prices start at 28.090 euros, if you want a diesel (always with SCR catalytic converter), must shell out 33.640 euro. A gasoline engine with 180 HP and a 190-Horsepower diesel are new here. Both are always equipped with all-wheel drive and DSG.

Luxury with a bird's eye view

At the top of the Kodiaq 'Style' ranks eventually. Worth mentioning adaptive LED headlights, 18-inch alloy wheels, parking sensors are seat heating, a music system with eight inch touch screen and an inductive recharge for mobile phones here also front. By a lever in the trunk, the back of the second row of seats can be placed to also. Best "Style" is the 125-HP petrol engine for 30.490 euros, an additional 2,400 euros compared with "Ambition". The diesel start 36.040 euros, for the time being most expensive Kodiaq is the 190-HP - diesel with all-wheel drive and DSG 39.440 euros. Skoda has many assistance systems as extras. Given the length of the Kodiaq is the "system area view" (series in style) interesting: it provides a bird's eye view of the vehicle, but also 180-degree images of the front and rear area.

Kodiaq versus Tiguan: A price question

Finally, the question, whether the Skoda Kodiaq is cheaper than the good 20 centimeters of course remains Tiguan shorter VW. It's: with the 125-Horsepower gasoline engine, the difference is almost 500 euros, as the Tiguan costs at least 25.975 euros. The VW 31.925 EUR 885 EUR over the Skoda is the 150-HP diesel and DSG. In-house, can the Kodiaq in terms of space with the superb Combi will be compared. The latter is in the same basic engine 600 euros more expensive. (rh)