Skoda item: open day

Mlada Boleslav (Czech Republic), 26. June 2017

Anyone who has learned a craft occupation, it is yet know: the journeyman piece. But with a simple Cabinet have given the trainees the Skoda vocational school. On the Basis of the Citigo a very special beach streaker, the Element was created.

Colorful SUV-convertible-Mix

With 3.60 meters to the Skoda Element is almost four inches longer than a conventional Citigo. The special feature: the roof, the seats, doors and the back are missing. In turn, it gives six inches more ground clearance and a shot off-road look. Worth mentioning is the silver-coloured underbody protection, 16-inch wheels with knobbly wheels and black are summed up wheel arches. The entry on the aluminium strips on the enclosed side skirts. Inside, the two colours of Black and Yellow, it is striking, for example, in the leather-Alcantara bucket seats from the Octavia RS.

Electric drive of the VW Up

Behind the front seats, the trainees mounted a Solar Panel and a TV screen that can be connected via Bluetooth with the Smartphone. The Monitor is in the trunk lid, on which the solar cells are mounted. A total of four speakers with 400 watts of power ensure the Sound, cold drinks, gives a cool box in the trunk. The drive of the Skoda Element of the electric-Up from VW. This means: 82 HP of power and 210 Newton-meters of torque and 160 km range.(rh)