Skoda CitiJet: ? Like this?

Prague ( Czech Republic), July 2, 2014

The twist of the ignition key switch on the music from the exhaust. Bassy he mutters to himself. I stroke the gas pedal with the right foot, the volume swells immediately, the sound is deep and throaty. It's amazing what a wonderfully harsh tones you can still pick up with two tailpipes of a one-liter little machine. I want to " Like! " click, but of course there are the Skoda painted half - blue Facebook button for no.

Shown for the first time at Wörthersee

The car is called CitiJet, it is a single piece on the basis of the Skoda Citigo, the apprentices have put on the 16-inch model. The eye-catching microcar was presented for the first time the GTI meet at the Wörthersee end of May 2014. Now I 'm so on enclosed land near Prague on the go. A street legal, the Small namely, any more than a roof. That disappeared in the course of the renovation, a wide headband made ​​of sheet steel ensures the necessary stability. A roof 's terrible, so my first trip must take place in a rain delay.

300-watt sound system

The self-built by the apprentices exhaust way, is not the only part that already with Irrem sound heralds far from the arrival of CitiJet. To add even more sound to the outside world, a 300-watt sound system, the deafened in the rear with six speakers cares. Therefore, rear seats and trunk were replaced. A large rear wing spans the rear of the crisp runabout and testifies that a sporty look is still popular.

16 trainees involved in the project

Officially the project is named "Trainee Car", with the professional students of Skoda training facility in the Czech headquarters Mlada Boleslav their ideas should implement. For half a year to have 16 trainees? fourteen boys and two girls? made a head as her dream car could look like. Of course, had Skoda 's chief designer Jozef Kaban and his team watchful eye on doing the job starters.

Color contrasts and wide track

The results show that the generation of smartphone not only what wants on the ears, but also stands on color contrasts. The two-door model as mentioned blue on one side, white on the other painted. These rims are each opposite colored in white and blue. The wheels stuck on spacers, which gives the little ones a confident departure.

Red accents in the interior

The interior dates from the Citigo special model "Sport". These include a red stitched leather steering wheel with flat-bottomed rim and leather coats handbrake handle and gear knob. Seat covers and floor mats are held in an eye-catching red and black fabric design, the instrument panel is white - painted red. And yet one is clearly visible: The Skoda professionals of tomorrow like light: LEDs in the footwells light up in time with the music. Outside there is blue glowing fog lamps front, also emit blue lights under the sills on the ground.

Series production is not planned

Our trip with the Trainee Car shows that Skoda would be an affordable, sparkling convertible based on the Citigo badly to face. This naturally raises immediately the question of whether the Skoda management makes more of the apprentice ideas and perhaps will bring a fun car of this type. However, Skoda spokesman Andreas Gottwald told us that this is not planned, which is CitiJet remain unique. As a show car, to show at events and fairs, which have the Skoda trainees it. The have at the moment the way back a new vehicle in the works. In the coming year it is to be presented? and until then, we must remain curious to see what it is. (HD)