Save like mad

Mladá Boleslav ( Czech Republic ), August 7, 2014

As so often lately Skoda also acts at the launch of the new Fabia after the droplets principle. A new info as a new information until the small hope then at the Paris Motor Show ( 4th to 19th October 2014) the final Cases drops. Today, the engines are tuned and Skoda stressed that they ( at least in the Fabia ) are all new. At launch there will be four petrol and three diesel that will clean up neatly in terms of consumption. They are up to 17 percent more economical, says Skoda.

To start with 60 to 110 hp

Let's go with petrol engines, all based on the MQB technology. Two one-liter three-cylinder and two 1.2-liter TSI four-cylinder engine will be. The services range from 60 to 110 hp. For this purpose, three three-cylinder diesel joined with both 1.4 liter displacement and an engine block made ​​of aluminum alloy. You make 75-105 hp. The same performance reached the diesel, although in the predecessor, but there from 1.6 liters. All engines comply with Euro 6, come with start-stop and brake energy recovery and are available with either manual or DSG dual-clutch gearbox.

Fabia up to 65 pounds lighter

The new Skoda Fabia is well known from the end of 2014 the merchants. A year later, the Czechs throw the Super - saving version of the Polo - brother on the market. The Fabia GreenLine with 75-hp 1.4 - liter TDI receives additional rolling resistance - optimized tires and aerodynamic adjustments. The result, according to Skoda to a consumption of 3.1 liters and CO2 emissions of 82 grams per kilometer. Debt to the new miser - consumption is certainly the significant reduction in weight. Amenities Adjusted to the new Fabia 2014 be up to 65 pounds lighter than its predecessor. The basic version with 1.0 - liter three-cylinder MPI characterized weighs only 980 kg . ( sw )