Russian Wolpertinger

Buxtehude, November 13, 2015

Lada is known for hands-terrain car: For nearly 40 years the Niva is ( also acted as Taiga or " 4x4 " ) in the program. Thanks to its classic all-wheel drive with transverse and longitudinal mechanical locks he does not give in even in difficult country strokes. But in many ( swamp ) area comes even this quaint Russe not. For such applications, there is now the " Tinger ", which the German importer Lada takes into its sales program with immediate effect.

In Germany, for the time being only tracked vehicle

The tiger is a so-called All Terrain Vehicle ( ATV ). It is produced by the company " Tinger Rus " in the Russian steel stronghold Cherepovets. In its home market, the three-meter-long companion are also available with 6x6 or 8x8 - wheel drives, to Germany only a chain - version comes for the time being with the model name track. The wheels variant is initiated only in the course of 2016 to us.

Only three feet long

Thought of martial seem Tiger Track is primarily for farmers, forest owners, hunters or fishermen. The biggest advantage: The Tinger can also float moves in the water ?? the offer a few of its kind. This is made possible, the impact-resistant plastic body. Thus it can be equally as snowmobile, such as a tractor or boat use. Thanks to its length of only three meters ( with front bar and winch it measures 3.20 meters ) allows the compact caterpillar load on a car trailer and thus bring to their site. The wheels version should also get a street legal loud importer.

Two chain widths, three engines

Chains in 38 or 50 centimeters are to have width for the Tiger Track. When motors are three petrol ?? ready a two-cylinder with 35 hp, a 57 hp three-cylinder and four-cylinder with 68 hp. Even the suspension can be ordered in different hardnesses ?? the highest level is called promising " Comfort + ". There is also a trailer in the accessories program, the Russian flat for gripping beast of burden. The towing capacity is proud 800 kg. On the Tinger even find four or five people, on request, it protects a push-on top against wind and rain.

From 14,900 euros

The Tiger Track is available for purchase for 14,900 euros, at present however only in the Lada Automobile GmbH in Buxtehude. In the future, vehicles will be but also get through selected Lada dealer . ( hd )