Russian Nissan Almera is no longer

Today itself, we are again on the border to see what there is for sale. Or, in this case, was for sale. Nissan pulls in Russia, namely the power plug from the Almera, a car that is not what you think.

Today is exactly a week since the last occurrence of the Nissan Almera, the band ran, a car that actually nothing to do with the Almera has to do that Nissan elsewhere in the world sells. Nissan has in countries such as Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia and Singapore as an Almera in the order books that are actually a Latio (Versa). This Russian variant, created by Nissan's alliance partner AvtoVaz since december 2012, it was produced, is a peculiar mix.

Nissan-followers recognize in the carriage of the Russian Almera may be the second generation of the Bluebird Sylphy (G11), the compact sedan which in 2005 was presented in Japan in 2012, the market was achieved and there was followed by this Sentra. The Russian division of Nissan saw the bread in the second Bluebird Sylphy (G11) and started in 2012 with the production of the sedan in Dutch photography.

The Bluebird Sylphy was, however, not one-on-one transferred to the Russian market. To save costs, attracted Renault-Nissan namely the dashboard from the Dacia Logan and edited it afterwards in the car that Nissan now Almera called. Other adjustments: the car was higher on his legs, got a reinforced base for the Russian road system the boss and got the car 2 mm thick sheets under the car both engine and transmission and brake lines had to protect against, for example, stones. The bottom of the Almera is of thicker steel and also the roll stabilizer are thicker. On the motorenlijst a 102 hp and 145 Nm strong 1.6, a block that we know of the Logan. The Russian Almera is with a length of 4.66 metres, incidentally, several inches longer than the 4,60 metres long Bluebird Sylphy. The width and height with that of the original match.

The Almera is still as out of stock and in Russia a starting price of € 7.826. This is by far the cheapest Nissan that is. Below is the Juke with a Russian starting price of € 14.985, the most advantageous model of the brand. For those who are curious about the original interior, see photo 9.