Restoration of a myth

Munich, July 24, 2014

The BMW 507 had already in his fifties rarity value. Only 254 examples of the Roadster were built 1955-1959. Now one of the very rare species in California has emerged. A " dream of the Isar " ( so she called the 507 shortly after its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show 1955), first registration in September 1957 with the chassis number 70079th The BMW Museum now tells from 24 July to 10 August 2014, the history this iconic vehicle, around which many myths. Following the car by experts from the BMW Group Classic is to be restored. We follow Meanwhile, the myths and stories behind the number 70079th

A myth is created

It is September 15, 1957 as a BMW, two days after his acceptance and completion, the 507 logs with the chassis number 70079 and him with the mark M-800 and JX as a hardtop version from September 19 to 29 the affluent gentlemen on the IAA presented. 26,500 DM should design work by Albrecht Graf Goertz cost, by today's standards that would be about 340,000 euros. There was a roadster, which made ​​150 hp with aluminum chassis and V8 from the " Baroque Angel " and insane 220 ​​km / h managed at the time in the top.

A second myth emerges

BMW planning to bring about 1,000 units per year to the man to, abzubekommen of the graduates clientele that otherwise Mercedes 300 SL moves a piece. But the production and thus the purchase price proved to be too expensive and so the Bayern struggled to potential buyers. To prove the performance of the car is out in 1958 for demonstration purposes by Hans Stuck at Schauinsland race to the victory of 70079. The liquid society became aware? as well as Elvis Presley, who should have probably just seen this 507 for the first time in 1958 at the Circuit of Monthléry in Paris. Then the cars from BMW is completely overhauled and is then, on 12 December 1958 into the car Hauswirth in Frankfurt. Eight days later, the time has come and the two myths, Elvis and said 507, refer to the dealership in Frankfurt together and BMW changed hands for $ 3,750.

Image change, myths, theories

But the King of Rock `n ` Roll, who lived at that time in Bad Nauheim near Frankfurt, and there was an American GI in the German outdoor use, started having problems with the then white car. Fans and admirers often left with red lipstick their contact details on the 507 The constant cleaning orgies were Sergeant Presley eventually annoying and so he decided to let paint the BMW unceremoniously in red.

Blurred times

As the came to the U.S. 507, is not understood. It is only known that Elvis the car does not have led to the United States when he finished his tour of duty in Germany on March 2, 1960. 1962 emerged the BMW suddenly at a New York Chrysler Händer back on who sells it to Tommy Charles. Charles brought the car to Alabama to take part with him in the road race. From it gets the 507 a more powerful engine, different axes and other gear. Then it gets dark again until an aviation engineer from Arizona, Jack Castor, the car bought in 1968 for a few thousand dollars. Castor driving the car a few years and represents him at some point south of San Francisco in a warehouse.

New life to dusty history

Almost 40 years was the myth there now and could mature. In July 2014, Castor decided to bring the now yellowed and slightly rusted Legend for restoration back to Germany. Until August 10, 2014, you can now examine the Elvis ` 507 still in its original state at the BMW Museum. The white paint of old, the charm of the fifties and the turbulent history of the car seem even through the thick layer of dust and let the otherwise miserable condition quickly forgotten. Two years BMW plans for the restoration? Does he want to play, the Myth . (ml )