Relax, my dear

Woking (UK), 24 February 2016

Say hello to the new McLaren 570GT. After the 570S and the 540C, he is the third link in McLaren "Entry level chain" called sports series. On top of that, he shows the second of three body styles, "which finally completes the sports series" (you assume that a spider will provide for the completion of 2017). Debut is the 570GT at the Geneva Auto Show in 2016 (March 3 to 13) and his job is relatively clear: he should rather miming the luxury and comfort-super car. Say: Travel must be now longer and must not necessarily end at the next track.

Slightly relaxed

The 570GT shares the base vote with the 570S. In other words, there are adaptive damper with normal, sport or track mode. However, the interpretation is a little more towards comfort. Spring rates were weakened front 15 and back to 10 per cent, long to make still more tolerable motorway stages or driving on rather poor roads. Also was the steering ratio for more relaxation with the cruising ground-breaking two percent (Yes, two) reduced. The 570GT thanks to an optimized enclosure and a less exalted exhaust system will also be quieter than the 570 S. Inside there are more luxury with tons of supple leather, electric seats, parking sensors, doors with soft-close mechanism and a huge glass roof with a 18-percent tint. The latter was already at the McLaren P1 for more airiness in the pulpit.

More trunk, no more seats

The most unique feature of the 570GT should be however the newly created boot between seats and engine. McLaren called the whole thing "leather-padded Touringdeck" and promises that it accommodates 220 litres luggage on it. Provided one renounces any form the point of view back. Access is via a side-opening glass door. Taking the unchanged large front luggage compartment, you get a total 370 liters of storage capacity. Since the weekend may be also times a little more extensive. But it remains at only a passenger. Who is a 2 + 2-seater as Turbo has hoped the Porsche 911, is disappointed.

But still sow fast

For this, also the more relaxed McLaren 570GT is still always insanely fast. The 3.8-liter Twin-Turbo V8 from 570 S is unaffected. Still, he produces 570 HP and 600 nm of torque. And still there is a crazy fast seven-speed double clutch. The Sprint from 0-100 km/h takes 3.4 seconds (0.2 seconds slower than in the 570S; 0.1 seconds faster than in the 540C), 200 km/h are in 9.8 seconds, 11.1 seconds in the quarter mile and the maximum speed is 328 km/h. The slight deterioration in the 0-100 km/h value results from the increase in luxury and the concomitant increase in weight. But what do you mean weight increase here anyway? The 570GT is dry to sinewy 1,350 kilos, 37 kilos more than in the 570S.

As 195.350 Euro

Steel instead of carbon-ceramic brakes and a good ten centimeters higher rear spoiler are new on the 'most luxurious and most practical McLaren, there ever was". Also fits the 570GT on newly formed 15 spokes alus, measuring 20-inch front, 19 and back. Also the specially designed Pirelli PZero rubbers, which should reduce the noise level in the Interior by up to three decibels are dedicated to completely relax. It is so to lace the ears, after you have plundered your bank account to a sufficient degree. McLaren would like to see at least 195.350 Euro for his 570GT. These are at least 13,600 euros more than the 570S. Comparison: 580 PS strong Porsche 911 Turbo S is from 202.872 euro. Market launch is late 2016.(sw) for the 570GT