Re - birth

Bowling Green ( USA ), September 2, 2014

It was the worst possible accident, the worst case scenario for Corvette fans: On the morning of February 12, 2014 the ground in the " National Corvette Museum " was in the State of Kentucky to. Blessing in disguise: Everything happened before the building was open for visitors. Nevertheless, remained a 14 meter wide, 18 meters long and nine meters deep hole swallowed a total of eight vehicles.

swallowed legends

A Corvette ZR - 1 Spyder of 1993 and the ZR1 " Blue Devil " prototype from 2009, both on loan from General Motors: The following models were affected. There were six vehicles from the collection of the museum itself. This is a model of 1962, the " PPG Pace Car" of 1984, the millionth Corvette 1992, an anniversary edition of 1993, the " Mallett Hammer"-Z06 of 2001 and the 1.5 millionth Corvette, built in 2009, the last two cars could only be salvaged about two months after the landslide.

Is scrap valuable?

Now General Motors has given ( GM ) announced that three vehicles are restored. It is those three cars that are restorable at all: the ZR1 prototype, the millionth Corvette and the 1962 model. This itself is constructed by means of financial assistance from GM in the museum back to the other two vehicles are Chevrolet cares. When the trio will again be admired in all its glory, is still open. It is interesting what happens to the remaining five cars that have only scrap value: You should get a special place in the museum, to commemorate the disaster. Or as GM executive Mark Reuss: " It has its own historical value, to leave their cars in such a way to show them all. " Curiously, the precious scrap for the museum may even be worthwhile. In the months after the hole you showed all eight vehicles, the number of visitors increased by 60 percent . ( rh )