Prison for 1.0 percent and other draconian penalties

Munich, 30 March 2016

Who makes holiday abroad, you should know the traffic regulations of the country. And know that in many European countries the fines for speeding, improper parking, and driving under the influence of alcohol are much higher than in this country, such as the Automobile Club ADAC now shares with.

420 euro for 20 km/h too much

Leader in the fines Norway, followed by Sweden and Italy. Who 20 km/h too fast driving, has 270 euro in Norway at least 420 euros, in Sweden and in Italy to pay 170 euros fine. However, the most serious consequences have driving under the influence of alcohol. In Italy, even the vehicle can be dispossessed at 1.5 per mille in the blood, if driver and holder are the same. Denmark envisages similar from 2.0 per thousand. In Norway a penalty can be imposed from 0.2 promille of 600 euros and more. Even prison is threatened in some countries: in Sweden from 1.0 promille in Spain from 1.2 per thousand.

Mobile phone at the wheel? 230 euro!

Whopping fines threatened for telephoning at the wheel without a hands-free kit. Here, the Netherlands (230 euros), Denmark (200 euro) and Italy (€160) lead the ranking. Wrong parking in the Netherlands and Norway (90 euros each), Spain (up to 200 euros) and Denmark (70 euro) is particularly costly.

Discount for immediate cash payment

Traffic safety violations, such as speeding, be prosecuted now more effectively within the EU. Through the improved holder data exchange, notices are faster created and sent with information in the national language of the car holder. Also forced, unpaid fines can be enforced within the EU. Who pays a penalty from abroad quickly, can save money. Italy and Spain, for example, give high discounts for immediate payment. For traffic violations abroad, there is also no points in Flensburg. Even a driving ban pronounced by a foreign authority has no effect in Germany. (sl)