Prices for Nissan Qashqai, with new engines

Both Renault and alliantiegenoot Nissan are in a rapid pace to new diesel and gasoline engines to roll it out. Recently made the Qashqai with the new 1,3 litre petrol engine, a block that also by Mercedes-Benz is applied. We now know what the new Qashqai-flavoured cost.

On benzinevlak makes the Qashqai such as said knowledge with the new 1,3-litre, four-cylinder, a block which we already know from the Mercedes-Benz A-class and the Renault Scénic. In the Qashqai is the source of power is available in two flavors: as DIG-T 140 and as DIG-T 160, where the first 140 hp and 240 Nm is strong and the second to 160 hp and 260 Nm of kicks. The most powerful version of that petrol engine is also to be linked to a DCT transmission. In the latter case, the four-cylinder 10 Nm more powerful.

Than the prices. The Qashqai DIG-T 140 from € 28.390 with you along the sidewalk. The Visia version, the only motorversie that in combination with that basic design to get. A step higher on the ladder is the Acenta, which Nissan at least € 30.840 for asking. The price of the Qashqai DIG-T 160 starts at that Acenta version, and costs € 33.390. In the same outfit, but with the DCT transmission, the cost of the Qashqai at least € 35.940.

The first models will be at the end of november delivered.

All prices: