Powerful Lion with three hearts in Shanghai

Shanghai (China ), April 16, 2015

Peugeot rolls with a hot iron to the Shanghai Auto Show ( 22 to 29 April 2015): the 308 R Hybrid. The compact powered car is a concept car. It is based on the 308 S, a four-door sedan offered only in China. The R - model looks really classy. The banners are not only size 235 tires on 19-inch wheels, but also aggressively styled bumpers, nostrils in the hood, side gills and a radiator grille in the checkered flag look. In addition, the track was widened by 80 millimeters, which makes the predator threatening crouch on the ground. And last but not least, the two-tone paint ( yes it has managed the special model 208 GTi even into the 30th series) reveals that it is probably going postal. The blue used in the 308 R Hybrid lights very intense thanks to fluorescent pigments and glass particles and is reminiscent of French racing cars.

500 hp, 730 Newton meters

The peculiarity of the strong lions consists in its propulsion: a plug-in - gasoline hybrid system. It consists of a 1.6-liter petrol engine with 270 (! ) PS, a 115-hp electric motor on the six-speed manual transmission and a 115-horsepower Stromer also on the rear axle. The system performance is juicy 500 hp and maximum torque 730 Newton meters proud. The heater sprint in 4.0 seconds to 100 and is governed at 250 km / h.

50-gallon tank in the trunk

With a weight distribution of 60:40 and a sensational performance weighing about 3.1 kilograms per hp, the R-308 specifies a stormy Temperamentan the day. In order to optimize driving dynamics, the weight was a rebalancing as far as possible displaced downward. The lithium-ion battery is found instead of the fuel tank under the rear seats. The 50-gallon tank on the other hand wandered into the trunk, where it overlies the electric motor and two transformers.

Four driving modes

About a selector lever on the center console four driving modes can be controlled. In Hot Lap mode all the power of the three engines comes into play in Track mode 400 hp and 530 Newton meters are produced mainly by the gasoline engine and the rear electric motor, the front electric motor acts as a booster. In Road mode are nevertheless still 300 hp and 400 Newton meters, which mainly supplies power to the Otto and only the rear Stromer helps when accelerating. In the ZEV mode preferably provides the rear electric motor for the drive, the E - drive front is switched depending on the position of the accelerator pedal.

Three ways to current refueling

To match the performance, the brake system front 380 mm discs with four-piston calipers and 290 - mm discs at the rear. To protect the flooring is delayed using the electric motors. This also serves to recuperation to charge the battery. In addition, the gasoline engine can drive the front electric motor as a generator, or according to Peugeot the battery can be charged on a rapid-charging station in 45 minutes again.

Four bucket seats

Passengers reside in four bucket seats, upholstered in patinated reddish brown leather. In addition to a continuous center console and the soft fabric cover many surfaces is one of the special features. The material produced in a digital weaving to help with weight saving. If the car goes into production and also reach us? Let's hope wirs times ! (HD)