Power to the farmer

Vuojärvi ( Finland), April 9, 2015

If you will soon be overtaken by a tractor on the highway, do not despair. Probably you have just become a "victim " of Finnish madness. Nokian tire manufacturer and farmer tractor Valtra have zusammgetan namely, to provide the fastest tractors of the world on four wheels damn big. Mid-February 2015 raced ex-world rally champion Juha Kankkunen then with the 7.7-ton and 250-hp Valtra T234 officially a 2.3-kilometer ice track in Lapland. The result: 130.165 km / h. That's enough for a smart, is incidentally also a new Guinness World Record.

Drifting in the executor

In the unlikely event that you want to plow in the dead of winter with agricultural machinery warp your fields in the future, please feel free to Nokian. They have been doing invented the Hakkapeliitta TRI first winter tire for tractors. The world record was moved out with 440 - flops on 28-inch wheels in front and 540 rolls on 38-inch wheels at the rear. All very normal so. The thought is probably Rally Champ Kankkunen and went to geschafftem world record for the over what he does best: tow Powerful means of possible side through a forest. If you want to see how a diesel tractor drifts, then take a look at the attached video . (sw)