Post for PS friends

Weiden, December 15, 2015

Someone could claim that stamps and vintage fans complement each other well. Writing letters but is also a sign of nostalgia. For the private sector this may be true in times of e-mail, but in the course of trade continues to be franked much.

Adhesives you a classic car!

Already since April 2015, there are two special stamps worth 1.45 euros ( for example, for large-size letters ) with designs that make any car enthusiasts heart beat. On offer are a red BMW 507 and a cream-colored Mercedes 220 S. This recalls the golden age of the economic miracle. The BMW 507 was built from 1955 to 1959 and was then the unaffordable dream cars of an entire generation. For the owners of a 507 proposals included Elvis Presley during his military service in Germany. Today the 507 listed in the high-end six-figure euro range, only 220 roadworthy copies are known.

Franking fin

Slightly more survivors will be the Mercedes 220 S model years 1959 to 1965. Popularly the then Director car is known as the " tailfin " because here Mercedes gave fashionable ornaments first. The fin-like outgrowths on the rear fenders were officially presented somewhat coyly as " Peilstege ".

New postage, old cars

From 2 January 2016, the Porto increases for a standard letter of 62 to 70 cents. For vintage car aficionados, but not a reason to whine, because the German Post takes the opportunity for two other brands with automotive. Be appreciated that the first Porsche 911 Targa 1965 and built 1969 to 1973 Ford Capri the first generation. The latter was with around 7,000 DM starting price in his lifetime a real people - athletes, although then sat only 50 horsepower under the long hood. All four " Car Brand " ( more are not planned ) were designed by Thomas Serres from Hattingen . ( rh )