Pony runs 335 km / h fast

Uvalde ( USA / Texas ), June 3, 2015

He is one of the fastest Pony Cars: A tuned by Hennessey Ford Mustang broke the magical 200 - mile mark. Only at 207.9 mph was over ?? which works out at 335 hours proud kilometers. Behind the wheel was racing pro Brian Smith. As a privileged witness of the action was US television star and car expert Jay Leno used: He has recorded the spectacle for his TV show " Jay Leno's Garage ."

In February 2015 only 195 mph

For John Hennessey, head of the tuning company of the same name, this peak value is a great triumph. In February 2015 he himself had (about 314 km / h ) on the same route retracted at 195 mph a considerable value, but scratched so not even the 200 - Tacho bar. But he did not give up: " If it does not work the first time, you just have to pack an more power, up to put the speed and try again ." No sooner said than done, succeeded.

Brutale 785 hp and 879 Newton meters

To prepare for the Mustang at such high speed, Hennessey has missed a compressor system and modifies the five-liter V8 comprehensively him. In addition, the aerodynamics of the body with carbon flaps and-Spoilern been optimized. The engine now delivers 785 hp and creates brutal 879 Nm of torque induced. As a result, the wild stallion is quickly not only more than 330 km / h but also catapults in 3.4 seconds from zero to 60 mph ( 0 to 96 km / h).

Brought to 709 hp by Geiger

In Germany, the sale of the new Mustang has recently started on the first occasion in 50 years again, of the Ford dealer. 3,000 copies will still bring Ford in 2015 to the people and without discount. This is not even necessary, the cars go anyway like hotcakes. Cloudy, with 314-hp four-cylinder engine will cost the coupe only 35,000 euros, with classic V8 and little modest 421 hp is at a bargain price of 40,000 euros. And also we do already tuners that have already created hand. About Karl Geiger from Munich, which also elicited the US racehorse by compressor 709 PS and 706 Nm of torque. In order for the US bolide is, after all 305 km / h fast . ( hd )