Pirelli Calendar 2015: The best making-of motives

Milan, July 25, 2014

You can not buy it. Also this is not the year. A handful of chosen and business partners are the Pirelli calendar in 2015 may take home, the rest has to settle on his screen as always with pictures. At least we can give them these pictures today for the first time show.

Steven Meisel staged Pirelli Calendar 2015

This raises the question whether a Pirelli calendar ever " fashion " was. Finally, you could win none other than the U.S. star photographer Steven Meisel for the 2015er edition. For the less fashion - mad among us: Meisel has been responsible since 1988, the cover of Vogue. In this fast paced environment that comes close to a miracle. In addition, he handled advertising campaigns, such as for Prada or Louis Vuitton. For a real scandal he has already taken care of, as he produced Madonna's album cover for "Like a Virgin " and " Sex" produced jointly with the singer the image band.

The who 's who of top models

In keeping with the reputation of the photographer, reads the list of the beauties of the Pirelli calendar in 2015 as a best of the international top model industry. Among them is the 21-year-old from Freiburg Anna Ewers, who has worked in December 2013 by Steven Meisel for Vogue. If you are not among the elect, the twelve erotic motifs in the coming year may hang on the wall, we now have a small consolation: A foretaste of "The Cal" 2015 is available in our making-of photo show. (sw)