Performance Porsche Cayman against Walter Röhrl

Against Walter Röhrl

Walter Röhrl was once again faster. "Pull over time right", said Tobias in the Porsche 718 Cayman front of my car. "Let through once the Walter." This I found very nice me quickly on the small but challenging race track near the airport of the Swedish city of Malmö. Here was the new Cayman, what's in it - apparently much in the hands of a driver who do like to rapidly. But still faster in the hands of the former rally world champion.

With the Porsche 718 Cayman have now made the company its two central motor racing on the same technical base. The Boxster Roadster and the Coupé Cayman experienced a complete overhaul on the occasion. Striking the larger air intakes in the front and the black cross brace at the rear with the three-dimensional Porsche lettering. Porsche asserts that only trunk lid, roof and windshields are not been touched in the revision. But the line has remained. The name speaks for the new beginning of the two central motor models under a name Allerding: Porsche 718 - in memory of successful models of sport with four cylinders.

Four cylinder Boxer arrangement - that is the major change under the sheet. In the Cayman provide the capacity of two litres of 220 kW / 300 HP, in the Cayman S with 2.5 liters come 257 kW / 350 HP with VTG charger (VTG = variable turbine geometry). 18 these are each kW / 25 HP more than ever before. 90% of the s maximum torque of 420 nm (nm) are already under 2000 revolutions per minute (RPM). Also both engines respond to input from the gas pedal so spontaneously, as if it were cleaner. Everything, as usual and appreciated.

The Cayman-rider on another tune should set only at the sound. The so loved wild screech at full throttle is now replaced by a roar which is more subdued force as for motor power. The 718 Cayman with the Porsche PDK dual clutch transmission and sport package Chrone fast than its predecessor sprints in 4.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, 0.7 seconds. The Cayman S creates the Normspurt in 4.2 seconds, 0.5 seconds faster. The top speed of at 275 km/h or at 285 km/h.

Better efficiency values give the Cayman turbocharging and the smaller displacement. For the Cayman with 300 HP Porsche specifies a standard consumption (NEDC) of 6.9 liters per 100 km for the S version 7.3 litres, but Super plus (98 Ron).

The suspension has been completely revised and partly bad rural road to Malmö, proved more comfortable in comparison to its predecessors. On the track, the gain in potential lateral acceleration, which Grenze apparently not exceeded even Walter Röhrl showed then. The Cayman can be equipped with the PASM suspension with around ten millimeters deep the body. For the Cayman S, the PASM sport chassis choice, which can set the body to 20 millimeter deep is the first option.

Cayman driver of the predecessor will have not to get up in the new. For the first time, he can now order sports-TeX as option leather / fabric equipment. It is offered in two versions in black or in the bi-color combination blue-chalk. Standard the Porsche communication management (PCM) with mobile phone preparation, audio interfaces, and 150 Watt belongs to strong sound package now plus. The system is extensible with modules for navigation, infotainment, and connectivity.

It's futile to discuss prices at Porsche. There is the same performance for less money. But then no company. Noteworthy in the model and name change: the Coupé is in the price under the Roadster.

We care about that Walter Röhrl of less; because it is the Porsche brand Ambassador and has access to every model. At this very moment he boarded again in the pit-lane passing: unrivalled. (ampnet/SM)

Technical data Porsche Cayman S with PDK

Length x width x height (in m): 4.38 x 1,30 x 1.80 (with exterior mirrors 1.94) wheelbase (m): 2.48 engine: four-cylinder Boxer, 2143 CC, Turbo, direct injection power: 257 kW / 350 PS at 6500 RPM maximum torque: 420 nm of 1900 – 4500 rpm speed: 285 km/h acceleration 0 to 100 km/h: 4.6 4,4 sec; Launch control 4.2 sec. NEDC average consumption: 8.1 liter Super plus (98 Ron) CO2 emissions: 184 g / km efficiency class: F/E (Euro 6) unladen weight / load capacity: min. 1385 kg / max 310 kg luggage capacity: front 150 litres, rear 275 litre ground clearance: 133 mm turning circle: 11.0 m wheels / tires: front 8 J x 18 ET57 / 235/45 ZR 18; rear 9.5 J x 18 ET49 / 265/45 ZR 18 drag coefficient: 0.31 price: from 64-118 EUR