Parking 2.0

Munich, December 15, 2014

At CES in Las Vegas ( 6 to 9 January 2015) BMW presents a new system with laser scanners that could revolutionize the process of parking in parking garages. The so-called Remote Valet Parking Assistant, BMW has built into a i3 research vehicle, the car park is fully automatic and brings it back again. All this is done with a simple voice command and a Smart Watch app.

Automatic collection and delivery service

In the modified BMW i3 capture four-art laser scanner, the environment and report to a separate working system, the drive, steering and brake monitored. So are obstacles ?? as pedestrians, pillars or improperly parked cars ?? be reliably detected and avoided. If the vehicle approaches, for example, to quickly a wall or a pillar, shall prevent the impending collision, an automatic brake intervention. The new wizard combines the information from the laser scanner millimeter with the digital map of a building. The system is activated by SmartWatch, the vehicle independently controls through the floors and search for a free parking, while the driver is already folded. Is the i3 arrived on the pitch themselves locked the car, waiting to be called by SmartWatch and voice command. The fully-automatic parking assistant then calculates the exact time until the arrival of the driver at the park and can start the car so that it moves forward in time at the car park exit.

New System 7 Series BMW as early as next?

A major advantage of BMWs Remote Valet Parking Assistant is that it acts independently of GPS signals. These are inaccurate, especially in confined areas. The system developed with supplier Continental makes a costly change in the car park infrastructure redundant. BMW does not tell when the new assistant will be available in a production vehicle. However, it should not take much longer to incorporate some elements of the system (for example, automatic brake intervention in emerging obstacles during parking operation ) in the series. First Beneficiary could be the new BMW 7 Series to be, which is to come on the market in 2016 . (sw)