Outdoor dynamically inside relaxing

Frankfurt, April 7, 2015

Kia is on the front of Seoul Motor Show ( 2 to 12 April 2015) the hatchback study Novo. The concept car is designed to provide a preview of the next generation of compact-car brand. With the Kia Cee'd this country sold the car has but little in common. Because it is based on the platform of not offered in Germany Cerato, which is in other countries as Forte or K3 on the market.

Designed in Korea

Novo was designed by the Design Centre in Korea Namyang. The design was inspired by loud Kia coupe. Front there is a new interpretation of the brand's signature grille in bone shape which is wider here designed and embedded deeper and is flanked by narrow headlights. These are based on laser technology, just as the daytime running lights and tail lights. Technical details can not reveal Kia, apparently it is all about, to demonstrate modernity.

-Hinged doors

Daytime running lights located in the large lower air intakes that emphasize the breadth of the study. A bead extends from the headlights on the front wheel arches to the rear side doors. The doors open in opposite directions, the handles are recessed flush. The rear surprised by a large vertical surface are integrated into the two triangular exhaust pipes. Characteristic are the diamond-cut alloy wheels with spokes alternately in silver and carbon. The roof including the A-pillar is painted silver, behind it is completed by an aluminum bracket against the rear window.

A cockpit for relaxation

While the sporty exterior design emphasizes the interior is designed to relax especially. According to the Novo Kia aims to stressed city dwellers, and the need to compensate a soothing, uncluttered interior. Driver and front passenger are separated by a large center console. Take on leather-covered sports seats, are integrated into the seat belts. The leather-covered dashboard is aligned on the left side to the driver's side. The instruments are designed as three-dimensional hologram displays. Instead of the usual large touch screen in the center console there is only a small touch pad next to the steering wheel, which should be possible to use "blind" without distracting the driver. An integrated fingerprint scanner ensures that the driver is detected and its settings are retrieved.

For driving the new 1.6 - liter turbo petrol engine with direct injection, which is known in Germany from the 204 hp Cee'd GT provides. Over a seven double-clutch gearbox, the front wheels are driven. The 20-inch tires have a special profile: In the center of the tread ?? between the two contact zones ?? There is a recess that serves to cool and for the disposal of the water. In addition, the groove reduces the rolling resistance and the road noise and contributes to a higher cornering stability . ( sl)