Opel with big ambitions The second place in Europe

The second place in Europe

Opel has its strategic program " Drive 2022 " specified. Accordingly, the company has set five strategic goals. By the year 2022, the company aims to achieve a market share of eight percent in Europe, together with the British sister brand Vauxhall. Opel also focuses on profitable growth: For the profit margin is - a value of five percent targeted - based on earnings before interest and taxes ( EBIT). At the same time, the management aims to further increase the quality of products and the satisfaction of customers and employees.

Opel will focus on three strategic priorities: models, brands, and improved market penetration. The model and engine offensive continues. In the years 2014-2018 a total of 27 new models and 17 engines are planned. Another strategic priority is to strengthen the image as " emotional ", " approachable " and German mark. The values ​​are to come, among other technologies, innovation, German engineering and a good price-value ratio advantage. For technical innovations is for example Opel Onstar, the next stage of the connected vehicle, with which the car is from 2015 to the node on the Internet.

By 2022, Opel wants to expand its market share in Germany from the current 7.2 to ten percent. In the whole of Europe ( including Russia and Turkey) to increase to eight percent of the share of 5.8. Until 2022 Opel and Vauxhall want to move up to number two in the European car market.

Halfway through the decade Opel wants to return to profitability as announced. These include falling product and structural costs, higher capacity utilization, higher sales and better brand profile should help. This year, however, is first of all the closure of the Bochum plant negatively impact business results. The high volatility of some currencies burden the checkout. ( ampnet / jri )