Only 100 pieces will be refined

Remshalden, August 22, 2014

Special models are usually brought by car manufacturers on the market. Usually they offer extra features for little money, some are also limited to a certain number of copies. The latter also applies to the new special model of the Opel tuner Irmscher: Only 100 pieces will there be in 1400 by the GTC Turbo i. The model can be obtained directly from each Irmscher Opel dealer or at Irmscher.

The 1.4 turbo is brought to 170 PS

In early 2014 had placed an initial series of individualized Astra GTC, the Swabian tuner. This had the 1.6 turbo under the hood, now comes the second series with the 1.4 turbo. The performance of the Astra 1.4 Turbo is increased from 140 to 170 hp, which raises it to the level of the weaker of the two 1.6 turbo - series models. There are also a vierflutiger silencer, be lowered by three inches with progressive spring rate and 20 - inch alloy wheels. For the wheels, you can choose with ten spokes between black with five thick spokes and silver. Fall forward on a grille with carbon bar and the integrated front spoiler lip.

Curved rocker, curved decor

The side view is Irmscher with a side skirt scene in which accommodates the shape of the curved bead below the rear window. Decorated in the Irmscher colors black, red and silver gray has the same momentum. Thinner stripes with the same colors also highlight the beads out on the front possessions. At the rear, there is a striking roof spoiler and a diffuser insert. Right and left can be seen two round tailpipes.

Nappa leather and white stitching

Inside there is in the Irmscher factory manufactured parts: seats, door panels and center armrest are trimmed with fine leather and match the exterior color with a white seam. Door pins and pedals are made of aluminum. All components are also available separately. The charge of the special model compared to the 140-horsepower production model is 3,500 euros . ( sl )