One car sticker for all low emission zones in EU

The European Parliament wants to investigate whether there is a uniform European car sticker can come for access to environmental zones in cities. That would put an end to the current range of entry requirements for clean vehicles in European urban zones. Only cars that meet the most stringent European emissions standards get the so-called Ultra Low Emission Vehicle label.

More and more cities ban the most polluting vehicles from their city center, but they have often other conditions to such a low emission zone within the driving. That chaos hopes the parliament, with one standard and car sticker for the whole of the EU, an end to. The European Commission has already committed next year with guidelines for low emission zones.

Also, an information-exchange system is investigated to ensure the enforcement of the environmental zones to better organize. Now, many cities have problems with the detection of foreign offenders.

For the plans on the initiative of D66-parlementariers Matthijs van Miltenburg and Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy is next year, almost 1.5 million euro on the budget freed up.