Octavia in miniature

Mlada Boleslav ( Czech Republic ), August 19, 2014

At the sight of the new Skoda Fabia whose designer Jozef Kaban goes into raptures: " In developing the third generation we have more emphasis on sportiness, and marked the car overall crisp. " Something may be off, but also the future appearance of the small car is more factually oriented. Hardly surprising, but the previous Fabia was just so popular. Although since 2007 on the market, the Fabia is also currently still the second most popular Skoda Octavia behind.

Attention to Geodreieck

Looking at the first official pictures of the new Fabia shows that the Octavia clearly the inspiration for the design. The same five-door Fabia looks through more corners that were pressed into his plate, clearly edged out. For the dimensions Skoda keeps still covered, the length should be around four meters. However, the Fabia is flatter and wider than before, in order to improve the space. He could end up at the level of closely related VW Polo. This provides a wheelbase of 2.47 meters, a width of 1.68 meters and a height of 1.45 meters. For the Fabia will be 15 exterior colors, according to Jozef Kaban, in addition, the roof color and paint for rims and mirrors can be individually selected.

More support engineering

For the interior, the so-called MirrorLink technology is announced. Like the VW Polo smartphone content can be displayed on a touch screen in the center console in the new Fabia. Furthermore, there should be various assistance systems. This could be a parallel to the Polo adaptive cruise control, a rearview camera and a City - Notbrensfunktion.

From three case

The engine range consists of four petrol and three diesel. Again, the Skoda Fabia inspired by the VW Polo. The Otto - program consists of two one-liter engines with 60 and 75 hp, also ranked the 1.2 TSI with 110 hp 90 respectively. With the diesels, a 1.4 - liter engine replaced with 75,90 and 105 hp the previous 1.6-liter block. Speaking: The engine block of the three-cylinder consists of an aluminum alloy. All motors have start-stop and recuperation, the EU 6 emission standard is met. Depending on your needs is switched manually or by DSG.

Extreme miser

Most economical Fabia is from the end of 2015, the Green Line with 75 - hp diesel. By better aerodynamics he should consume only 3.1 liters, which corresponds to 82 grams of CO2. It should also help the stripped down with all new Fabia weight. The basic version comes without a driver to 980 kilograms. Will be officially presented the new Skoda at the Paris Motor Show 2014 ( October 4 to 19 ), at the prices keep to covered yet. This start date at 11,640 euros. Expected in the spring of 2015, the estate version of the Fabia is presented. ( rh )