Ocean cruiser of Bugatti

Molsheim ( France ), 8 December 2015 Conversion

Bugatti and boats, a combination that dates back to the 30s of the 20th century, has been revived. At that time, company founder Ettore Bugatti racing boats and a yacht had constructed. The latter was even nicknamed his daughter: Niniette. Now Bugatti builds together with the rennomierten ship maker Palmer Johnson again a boat named " Niniette ".

Carbon, titanium and precious wood

A full carbon hull and Design bonds of legendary Bugatti Type 57C Atalante vehicles like the and the Type 41 Royale characterize the vessels. For high stability of the mono-hull makes two outside swimmers. Unique design feature is the two-tone of vessels. On the outer skin, this is ensured by a mixture of titanium and blue visible carbon. Different types of wood are used on deck. The maximum speed of the luxury ships is 38 knots ?? converted nearly 70 km / h.

From 13 to 27 meters

A total of three different versions of " Ninette " offer Bugatti and Palmer Johnson. The heart of the series is the 20 meter long " PJ63 ". It is equipped with a 63 square meter living area on deck and a 43 square meter living room below. In the berth up to four sleeps. For 3.25 million euros, " PJ63 " is available. In addition there is also a version with 13 meters and a 27 meter length. The delivery period of twelve months have in common, all three models . ( mf )