Number 57 is alive again

Stuttgart, 14. December 2017

True Porsche-911-Fans know the myth around the model designation 901. Under this name the sports car was presented at the IAA 1963 in Frankfurt. Also still good a year later, in October 1964, showed the Porsche its new product as "901" at the Paris auto salon. Where Peugeot got Wind of the matter and objected to the Zero in the middle. In hindsight, a fortunate circumstance, because it was from the 901 to the 911. Why am I telling you all this? Now, finally, Porsche has closed a gap in its collection and displays the restored 901 number 57.

The magical 82

Number 57? Well, the chassis number of the rare Elfers (or "Zero-Einsers", depending on your point of view) is 300.057. But in 1963, originated trips 13 prototypes for exhibitions and testing. The model introduction of the later 911 took place in November 1964. Up to this point, 82 cars were built as 901, a total of 231 specimens of 901 and 911 up to the end of 1964. Long story short: One of the 82 Porsche 901 was missing for more than five decades in the collection.

Barn find of a special kind

That changed in 2014, as a television crew bumped into a barn on an abandoned car collection. Two Porsche 911 from the 1960s. After further inquiry at the Porsche Museum showed that the number 300.057 one of the rare 901. As a result, the Museum bought both vehicles, only the 57 was 107.000 Euro value. Three years of the restoration of the heavily took sheets from the rust-eaten car with contemporary Original. In principle, the receiving of Parts and fragments was before the replacement. Now the red coupe is shown with 130 HP from the October 1964 Porsche to the Public. The special exhibition "911 (901, No. 57) – A legend takes a ride" is up to 8. April 2018 in the Porsche-Museum.(rh)