Null-Zwo of modern times

Cernobbio (Italy), May 23, 2016

For several years, the BMW brand is the main sponsor of the traditional Concorso D'eleganza Villa d'Este on Lake Como. This requires of course and Bayern to a trial as a tribute to a famous series, about the M1 or the 3.0 CSL display every year. 2016 the BMW to recall 2002 tribute to the 50th anniversary of the legendary 02.

Only a HighBeam M2?

Model for the BMW 2002 tribute is the 2002 Turbo, which caused a stir in 1973, and was one of the first series cars with turbo engine. For the head of the BMW of brand, Karim Habib, he's a real icon. He appears tribute on some viewers in 2002 as a more angular version of the M2, presented at his appearance even by BMW even happy with the 2002 Turbo. But let's take a look at the details of the 2002 tribute. In accordance with the wraparound chrome band of "null-Zwo" there's a horizontal carbon binding. The upper area with roof, hood and trunk lid is matt lacquered. The paint in bright metallic blue (official name: space race metal) alternates depending on the light.

Fun in mirror writing

The widened fenders of the 2002 voluminous wheel arches to remind Turbo, 20-inch wheels in them are located in the bicolor design including Golden calipers with M logo. Two single headlight parking next to the BMW's distinctive kidney, everything together is enclosed in a black ribbon. The indicators above the headlights are arranged as in the ancestor of 1973. Nearly rectangular lights appear on the rear end. Mind you "appear", because in the cold state is merely a black surface. The BMW Designer in the front apron allowed himself a witty nostalgia gag: there a "Turbo" lettering in mirror writing is resplendent like the old 2002 Turbo. Over 40 years ago he was abandoned even the subject of a parliamentary debate and finally for the production version. (rh)