Not slower but much cheaper

New York/hair, 13 April 2017

Since there's the Porsche 718 (as Cayman and Boxster), move more and more in the range of possible sports cars with four-cylinder engines. Now, at the New York International Auto Show (14 to 23 April 2017), Jaguar introduces the F-type with a 300 HP strong four-cylinder. It was clear that the new version comes to Germany. But we were very surprised when we discovered the new basic version along with data and price in the Configurator of the German Jaguar site.

Hardly any slower, but more economical

The two-liter turbo from the Ingenium family is weaker than the previous V6 engine with 300 HP only 40 HP. Series are a Quickshift-eight-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. The downsizing newcomer is not lame, quite on the contrary: according to Configurator creates the car the standard Sprint in 5.7 seconds, which are only 0.4 seconds longer than the V6 version with the same gear needs. And with the switched version of the V6, the new automatic base model pulls right even. Of course, the four-cylinder is also economical: instead of 8.4 litres standard consumption such as the automatic V6 are just 7.2 litres in the data sheet. Also very positive: The starting price of the F-type drops from 66.200 on 57.200 euros, so only 9,000 euros of less. And the newcomer is even to 11,500 Euro cheaper in comparison to the automatic V6 model.

The convertible also comes with four pots

The prices and data refer to the Coupé. Who prefer open drives, look forward also to the four-cylinder model. Here is the basic price 64.200 euros. When the four-cylinder models on the market, is not yet known, but also in the current price list not found yet. (sl)