Nordschleife record of Lamborghini

Nürburgring / Sant'Agata Bolognese, 2nd March 2017

The cat is out of the bag: Lamborghini fails with the new high-performance Huracán the Nordschleife record for production cars. Thus, the Italian fighting bull far pushes the hybrid Hypercar Porsche 918 Sypder from the Eifel throne.

Record already in autumn 2016

We write the 5 October 2016. The legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife shines on this sunny autumn day in the most colorful leaf colours and is the perfect opportunity for a record round with cool temperatures. After the course against 17:00 for tourist traffic is closed and removed from a Marshalls, which remains the team Lamborghini boss and ex-Ferrari Formula 1-husband Stefano Domenicali only is still a window of less than 15 minutes is a warm up and a flying lap.

Five seconds faster than the 918

Lamborghini test driver Marco Mapelli which already by 2015 to beat the Aventador SV in a true feat of strength under the magical seven-minute limit is warming up the tires of the new high-performance of Huracán and then starts the record attempt on the 20.6 km long Eifel course. And in the sixth minute, the free sucking V10 of Huracán is to hear only three turns from the finish line away again. A short time later the high-performance to the euphoric Lamborghini team past rushes. 6: 52.01 minutes are on the clock. Just to recap: approximately five seconds less than professional racing driver Marc Lieb 2013 with the hypercar Porsche needed 918 Sypder and that are now without turbos or hybrid systems. Who says there is the naturally aspirated engine was dead?

What is under the camouflage foil?

Lamborghini will announce only more precise details about the Huracán high-performance to the Geneva car show 2017 (March 9-19), but already we have some information. What drives to many North loop fans, is the question of tyre. Of course, Lamborghini could have mounted just extremely grippy slick tyres on record vehicle, that would rule out a classification as a record for road vehicles, however. According to the official press release, a special blend of Pirelli's Trofeo-R tires had been mounted, which should be available to the normal Lamborghini customers. Also, the high-performance with some lightweight features, a sophisticated active aerodynamics and performance scores. We learn only in Geneva how much the record Huracán is exactly. A normal Huracán 610 HP from ten cylinders and accelerates with 560 Newton metres of torque in 3.2 seconds from the State on pace 100.(mf)