Noble Machine

Las Vegas (USA), January 7, 2015

The study F 015 "Luxury in Motion " aims at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas ( 6 to 9 January 2015) demonstrate how we could drive in 20 years Mercedes. Where we have to rethink the principle with driving, at least when it goes to the Swabians. According to the mighty Mercedes luxury sedan design study F 015 is in fact nothing less than " the harbinger of a mobility revolution". In short, this means: The Benz of future drives autonomously, with fuel cells and transformed the interior as we know it in a high-tech living room of the luxury class.

Communicating via LED

How well it works with the autonomous driving today, Mercedes has already proven with the S 500 Intelligent Drive and its Future Truck 2025. The CES Study F 015 now goes one step further and turns the car into a private retreat room where you do not necessarily at the wheel " wasting " his time to. To work, to have fun multimedia or slouch as a lounge, you also need space. Therefore, Mercedes begrudge his research vehicle enormous 5.22 meters long, 2.02 meters wide and a wheelbase of 3.61 meters mega. In addition to the carved like a stone lines of the F 015 and its huge 26-inch wheels fall above all, the massive LED Lighting Modules front and rear eye. About the future she glides communicates with its environment. Such a display pedestrians that the car has seen them. Similarly, the following traffic can be warned. The LED lights will indicate which operating mode, the F 015 is ?? shows blue stands for autonomous driving, know that in fact a person sitting on the handlebars. Using a laser projection system, the vehicle can even throw various info on the street. Virtual crosswalk for example, to signal to pedestrians that they can cross safely. While the F 015 slows, it can display as well as where it will come to a halt.

Control over eyes, gestures and touch

Even more extreme is the interior of the Mercedes - futuristic concept. The entrance to the palace of leather, metal, glass and wood via counter and up to 90 degree opening doors. In a crash elements inflate it to absorb energy. For added stability, the doors interlock even with each other. A B-pillar does not exist. The abundance of space ( the F 015 has almost 25 inches more wheelbase than the new S-Class Maybach ) is claimed by four rotatable lounge chairs that allow Vis-à-Vis arrangement. One has actually ever been keen to drive yourself, you simply revolves around the chair. The steering wheel moves automatically from the dashboard. Besides the chic chairs remain liable 015 but especially the six displays that were installed in the dashboard to rear and side walls, as well as a rear table in the cockpit of F. Here, route planning, choice of music, contacts, games or videos are displayed and controlled by gestures or touch. Even the vehicle environment, which is what happened out there, so get into the car. This is made possible by a variety of stereo cameras and radar and ultrasonic sensors. The operation of the front display is a combination of eye tracking and gesture control, say, you look at the desired panel ( navigation, radio, etc. ), it will recognize your user intention and lets you interact then hand movement. A special app sends the F 015 also automatically to find a parking space or summoned him to the desired place.

1100 km range, zero emissions

Mercedes F 015 is powered by an electric drive with fuel cells. A pair of spaced rear electric motors make each 136 hp and 200 Nm of torque. The maximum power is 272 hp, permanently leaves the study with 163 hp. Mercedes promises a total range of 1,100 kilometers. 200 km can be driven solely by the battery 900 km range brings the power from the fuel cell. The sprint from zero to 100 km / h will take 6.7 seconds, top speed is electronically limited to 200 km / h. Over a distance of 100 km to the F consume 015 converted 0.6 kilogram of hydrogen. This corresponds, according to Mercedes in about a consumption of 2.0 liters of diesel. For the best possible proof accommodation of the drive system Mercedes is in the body of his concept cars on a new mix of carbon fiber reinforced plastic ( CFRP), aluminum and high strength steels. In addition to higher strength and better crash safety as to be reduced by 40 percent the weight of the body shell in comparison to today's production vehicles.

Autonomously in this decade on the highway

That the study Mercedes F 015 " Vision2030 + " sees as part of his shows that we probably still a little 'll have to wait for the part futuristic solutions to this research vehicle. Specific technology components of the CES concept but should find their way faster than expected in the series. So says Daimler Chief Development Officer Thomas Weber: "I am absolutely confident that we in this decade topics can offer automatic parking or automatic driving on the highway for our customers as complete. " (sh)