No winter tires – high penalties

Munich, 13. November 2017

From October to Easter the rule of thumb is very rough. Just in case you were not sure of when the nice big rims against the not-so-big, not-so-beautiful exchanged. Anyone who does not comply with the simple Order and in wintry road conditions with summer tires, risked and sometimes painful fines. Especially in foreign countries. And that applies not only to the driver of the vehicle, but also its holder, if he has caused such a journey, or approved. Prior to that, the car warns the mobile club ADAC. And he performs also, what is the penalty. These differ in Europe from country to country, sometimes considerably.

In Germany, up to 80 Euro

In Germany, between 60 and 80 Euro will be charged. A point in Flensburg threatens. Vehicle owners can be prosecuted with 75 Euro. In addition, the following applies: anyone Who has tires on snow an accident with summer, the insurance may reduce the performance due to gross negligence on the part of significantly. Also on the liability insurance, such a behavior can have an influence, says the ADAC.

Up to 5,000 Euro in Austria

Significantly more serious the consequences of a breach of the obligation to use winter tyres in European countries. The fines amounted in the Czech Republic, up to 92 euros in France, up to 135 euros, and in Italy even up to 338 Euro. Not to recommend, rather, an inappropriate tyres in the neighbouring country of Austria. Here fines of up to 5,000 euros in especially serious individual cases. In winter road conditions in Austria from the beginning of November to 15. April Winter Tyres Are Mandatory. And although – as in the Czech Republic – with a minimum tread depth of four millimeters. In case of non-compliance, there is usually a fine of 35 euros. In Germany, more than 1.6 mm remaining tread are mandatory.

Often no uniform regulation

And how it looks with the winter tires are mandatory in the case of the other immediate neighbors? In the Czech Republic it generally applies between 1. November and 31. March. In France, the winter tire situation can be due to signs required. According to ADAC, a significant joint and several liability threatens in case of accidents with summer tires. In Switzerland, there is also no General obligation to use winter tyres. If you hold up traffic due to the wrong tyres, risking but a fine. In the event of accidents, it behaves like in France. In Italy, the local authorities often decide depending on the situation. With the exception of South Tyrol: On the Brenner motorway and the Municipality of Bozen-Bolzano is 15. April a General obligation to use winter tyres. In winter conditions are prescribed also in the whole of South Tyrol Winter rubber(sw)