Nissan shows fully crazy 370Z-snow mobile

Munich, 5. February 2018

A few days ago published in Nissan's Teaser Video. It showed a snowy mountain with the unmistakable sound of a Nissan 370Z in the Background. The Japanese dished on a very strange name: 370Zki. Now, for everyone who always wanted to know how a Nissan snow could mobile look like ... just take a look at the totally wacky Juke-snow mobile in 2015. For all who always wanted to know how to open Nissan sports cars-snow mobile might look like: Here's the thing. In all of his borderline Mad-scientist moronic, like beauty. And the race before you think it was a hint of winter Delusions about the Nissan dealer. The answer is: NO!

Actually for Pickup Trucks

This does not mean, of course, that they could not build such a vehicle, if you really wanted to, but be warned – the creation of the 370Zki consisted of mounting "a bit" more than just a couple of chains, and skids. How much more, you ask? So, the obvious Hardware ordered Nissan at a dealer called American Track Truck, which advertises easy Installation. At least as long as you attach these things to a Truck and not a small Roadster. From this, the next step of the project: The removal of the complete drive train was the result.

Much higher, a lot of new

Then we constructed a higher fixing Kit that the 370Z around about 7.5 inches to the top of a balanced. The necessary ground clearance for the chains, however, was not achieved. These are about 1.20 meters high. So they built special mounts for the rear shock and mounted a massive track plates, the chains move far enough away from the car. Brake lines and the exhaust were diverted, but even that was not enough. Ultimately, had to be applied to the wheel arches of the Hand, in order to prevent the chains eat away at the body. And here we are talking only of the rear axle.

New mounts for engine and transmission

Up front, the transformation to the 370Zki was not quite so elaborate, with no modifications to the wheel well it went but here. The Original wheel hubs could be used, however, you needed a special Adapter to ensure that the necessary suspension travel and enough Rotation for the Ski. Track plates were also necessary to bring the Ski as far as possible to the outside. The special design made new mounts for the engine and transmission are essential. In addition, the engineers installed a specially constructed under-run protection to protect important components from ice and other flying debris.

Live at the Chicago Auto Show

If you want to see the Nissan 370Zki live, you will Willy-nilly to the Chicago Auto Show in 2018 (10. to 19. February), the need to travel. This convertible snow will be mobile in addition to a slightly more civilized Nissan Armada Snow Patrol.(sw)